When something is right…

…you just feel it. This was my response after I took my first ELDOA group exercise class from the incomparable Scott Herrera at Legacy Sport and Wellness in 2012. I was five months into my studies with Guy Voyer, MD/DO. I had been impressed with Guy’s powerful intellect, his command of biomechanics and anatomy, and the unique and specific nature of his manual medicine interventions. But, it was only after I had experienced that first ELDOA class, did I realize the comprehensive nature of what VOYER was trying to do. It was at that moment that I realized that he was going to leave no stone unturned when trying to restore health and wellness to his patients. I also realized the magnitude of VOYER’S guiding tenant – “You are your own best therapist.”

After eight years as an elite athlete, three years of chiropractic school and almost seven years of private practice, I had been treated by a lot of people. VOYER was the best manual therapist I had ever met. So, in a world where intervention (what the therapist could do to the patient) dominated, it was shocking and disorienting that the best I had ever seen, placed most of the emphasis of treatment and recovery on the patient’s exercise program. It’s VOYER’s attention and demand for QUALITY exercise that is paramount. Precision and specificity dominates everything VOYER does and his exercise methodologies are no exception. 

So, soon after that first ELDOA class in Dallas, I found myself learning VOYER’S exercise methods as well. There I was, a doctor in a room full of trainers watching VOYER being tougher on the trainers than he was on the therapists in treatment classes. For some reason, I felt I was in the right place.

Along the way, I introduced a patient, friend and local trainer, Jona Kerr to Guy’s world. During Jona’s first ELDOA class, I peeked over, looked at her, and saw that she got it too. Jona was hooked. She says the ELDOA felt different, powerful and unlike any other training methodology she encountered. Four years later, she is almost finished with the Soma-trainer program with Guy, and is a valuable part of the team who treats patients almost exclusively with VOYER’S therapy and exercise methods in my Bloomington, Indiana office.

Now four years into this journey, Jona and I have created the Evolutions Institute of Soma-Instruction. Evolutions was a long time coming. She and I spoke many times at length about a center where we could more fully integrate Guy’s methodologies. We first thought it would be a bricks and mortar facility, but when VOYER and Scott Herrera reorganized the ELDOA training into six parts, Evolutions became the educational arm of what we were trying to do. In late 2015, as demand for VOYER’s Soma-therapy courses had started to outgrow his availability, Guy approached me to see if I would like to begin teaching his Soma-Therapy program. This was very appealing, because I have never lost the desire to teach after leaving collegiate track and field coaching. Teaching feels like home for me. 

Dr. Voyer speaks a lot about how the human body is complex. He lectures about how complex systems work, and the difference between linear and complex thought processes. Invariably, Guy gets to a point in these lectures where, in a complex way of thinking, decisions in life come down to a feeling.

Creating EISI just feels right. It is a place where Jona and I can teach and share our passion for the ELDOA, and where I can help Guy pass along his extraordinary manual therapy methods. 

2016 is shaping up to be a great year. 



Brian Murer, DC/SMTh, is the co-founder of the Evolutions Institute of SOMA Instruction.  EISI is a school based on the work of Guy Voyer, MD/DO and is committed to training the next generation of manual therapist and exercise professionals. To learn more about EISI and their course offerings, go to www.evolutionsinstitute.com